Protect your apps simply and easily
and make your business profitable

  • Simple steps to secure your apps
  • No impact on app performance
  • Compatible with Unity


Prevent malicious activity
on your apps

The more popular your game becomes, the bigger target it will also become. Malicious activity can cause game balance and credit to be lost and possibly cause your reputation and revenue to be damaged. Conversely taking the necessary actions against cheating leads to enhance user experience and eventually to extend the life of games.


Protect against algorithm theft
and hacking in-app purchase

Rather than partly patching it, packing the entire binary solves the fundamental problem.CrackProof™ is also effective at preventing hacking in-app purchase. If you are annoyed with application piracy damage, please contact us first.


Our core technology
Anti-Tamper Technology

More than 10 years development

We have researched and developed our unique anti-tamper technology for more than ten years to achieve a powerful anti-cheating solution. Our technology is used for many applications not only in the gaming industry but also in many other industries.

What is "Anti-Tamper Technology"?

Anti-tamper technology is a security technology that protects applications from unauthorized analysis and tampering. We have achieved multi-level defensive security by combining encryption, obfuscation and anti-debugging technology.

Key Benefits

Instantly implemented

Since CrackProof™ hardens the binary directly, it is not necessary to change the source code.
*As for iOS, it is necessary to make a small change. A key point of CrackProof™ is you can protect apps with no impact on the development process.

Compatible with Unity

CrackProof™ can also robustly protect the IL file (DLL file) built on Unity with our proprietary IL protection technology.

No impact on app performance

Impact on the runtime performance of the app is zero, so the hardened app works exactly like the original. CrackProof™ does not affect the app usability.

4 steps to harden your apps

Security tuning : Pick just the features you need with checkboxes.
Upload : Upload the app to the cloud using command line or browsers.
Hardening : The hardening process is completed in the cloud in a matter of seconds or minutes.
Release : Confirm the functionality and upload to the marketplace.

Protecting Over 400 Games

We have been protecting a total of more than 400 games.

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