Environmental Activity

ISO 14001 Environmental Policy

DNP HyperTech aims to research and develop more eco-friendly products and make them known to a wide range of customers through its activities based on its IT technology that focuses on ever-changing information and customers’ needs. DNP HyperTech conducts its environmental activities through an environmental management system and will continuously enhance them.
  1. We sincerely listen to environment-related requests, opinions and demands from affiliated organizations, business partners, government organizations and neighboring residents, examine them, improve our activities and observe our decisions.
  2. We respond to revisions to environmental laws relating to our business, periodically update our information, and continuously improve requirements relating to our business.
  3. We give high priority to preventing environmental pollution in order to leave the world’s environment to future generations in the same good state that we inherited.
  4. All the members of DNP HyperTech recognize their impact on the environment, set environmental objectives for their jobs, and review them regularly by examining their achievements.
  5. We improve operating efficiency by reusing existing program resources in the design and development process, and try to reduce our impact on the environment.
  6. This environmental plan is supplied as data to all employees of our company and others who work for our company, to make it well-known and observed.
  7. This environmental plan is always posted on the website of our company so that everyone can freely read it. It can be provided on paper upon request.

July 1, 2020 Junichi Tomomura, Representative Director and President

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