Access to our company

DNP HyperTech Co., Ltd. Head Office
c/o ASTEM, Kyoto Research Park, Chudoji Minami-machi 134, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8813 Japan
TEL +81-75-322-1228
FAX +81-75-315-8843

General receptionist is located on the 1st floor of the building No.1in KRP eastern zone.

Kyoto Research Park site map (KRP website)

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Transport Access

When you are coming by train

  • From JR “Tanbaguchi” Station : Walk 3 minutes to the West
  • From Hankyu Kyoto Line “Omiya” Station or “Saiin” Station : Walk 25 minutes to the South

When you are coming by bus

One minute walk from the “Kyoto Research Park Mae” stop or the “Gojo Senbon” stop.

The bus systems stopping at the above locations are as follows.

  • For the “Kyoto Research Park Mae” stop
    (1) Kyoto City bus: Line No. 32, 43, 73, 75 or 80
    (2) Keihan-Kyoto Kotsu bus: Line No. 21 or 27
  • For the “Gojo Sembon” stop
    Kyoto bus: Line No. 81 or 83

*Take Kyoto City bus Line No. 73 (to get-off at the “Kyoto Research Park Mae” stop) or Kyoto bus Line 81 or 83 (to get-off at the “Gojo Sembon” stop), if you are taking a bus at the JR/Kintestu Kyoto Station.

When you are coming by car

  • Take the Meishin Expressway and get-off at the “Kyoto-minami Interchange”, then drive almost twenty minutes to the North.

    There are two parking lots at the Kyoto Research Park; Outdoors parking in the western zone and underground parking in the eastern zone. Parking fee is 100 yen per every 20 minutes at 8.00-20.00 and 100 yen per every hour at 20.00-8.00.

  • When you are coming by taxi

  • Tell the taxi driver for his/her convenience that your destination is “Kyoto Research Park” at the “GOJO-SHICHI-HON-MATSU.”