Employment information

Our company is not currently hiring.

Why don’t you develop, suggest and plan original software that can be accepted over the world?

We will of course welcome skilled and experienced engineers ready to work in our company; however, we also leave the door open widely for new engineers. We believe in your limitless possibilities.
Our company is R&D focused. We developed the world-first Video-CD Authoring Tools operated by Windows and retained a 60% world share of this kind of tool. We have been developing support tools for patent strategies and working on educational activities and lectures for engineers from other companies, including preparation of textbooks to share technologies obtained through our experiences of research and development. We continue developing a wide range of technologies including security software for Windows and smart-phones (Android, iOS). We are currently applying for 20 patents in Japan and one international patent (nine patents out of them have been entered in the Register of Patents.)

For those applying for our job offer of System Engineer/Programmer
Would you like to learn state-of-the-art knowledge and acquire high-level skills from experienced technologists and engineers? Our excellent staff members, who serve as lecturers at other organizations, will never spare to support you. We hope that you will become a great engineer working on world-class developments in the future.

For those applying for our job offer of Sales Engineer
At first, please start with sale of our original software that we have developed and are confident that they will help the society. Of course, you will have a chance to plan and suggest new products when receiving the needs of your customesr.

Applicant Guidelines

Job Titles

System Engineer/Programmer/Sales Engineer

Job Synopsis

The following is a portion of our ongoing main projects.

  • Development of security software for Windows
  • Development of security software for Android
  • Development of security software for iOS
  • Development of security software for Linux
  • Development of Patent Checking software
  • Development of support tools for Patent Description Preparation
  • Patent search and analysis of competing companies

シRegarding System Engineers/Programmers, you will be assigned to participate in various development projects described above, depending on your interest, experience and skills. Engineers who have experienced in the development of GUI are specifically welcomed.

Challenging Work

Our job is very challenging because we often develop and propose systems that attract worldwide attention. In addition, as employees are empowered to make decisions, it is possible that you plan and lead a project that interests you.


System Engineer/Programmer

Successful applicants will be at least college graduates or have comparable experience. Aged between about 22 to 35.
Programming languages for our development: C, C++, Visual C++ and Visual Basic

If you meet one of the following conditions, the length of your development experience does not matter.

  • You have developed systems for computer manufacturers or consumer electronics manufactures.
  • You have graduated from the faculty of engineering of a university, or you have the same level of academic ability.
  • You have the qualification of the Fundamental Information Technology engineer of Japan (formerly the Second Class Information Processing engineer), or the equivalent.
  • You have business experience of developing GUI-based software for Windows.
  • You are interested in the development of security software such as prevention of cracking.
  • You are interested in the development of patent related tools aiming to support researchers.
  • You are interested in patent search/analysis and consulting of patent.

Even if you do not meet any of the above conditions, you are welcome if you are experienced in development in your specialized fields.

Sales Engineer

Successful applicants will be at least college graduates or have comparable experience. Aged between about 22 to 35

  • Experienced person of the corporate sales or who is interested in the corporate sales in the technical fields

Employment Status

Regular Full-Time Employee

Work Place

Head Office: ASTEM, Kyoto Research Park, Chudoji Minami-machi 134, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8813 Japan

Work Hours

9:00〜18:00 (Lunch break: 12:00-13:00)


200,000 – 600,000 per month
*For the first three-four months is training period.

Your starting salary depends on your age, experiences, qualifications and ability, but it can be raised or favorably treated after consultation.


Salary is raised once a year and regular bonuses are paid twice a year in July and December.

Social insurance furnished (Health Insurance and Welfare Pension), Labor insurance furnished (Workmen’s Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance), Transportation actual expenses supplied (monthly upper limit allowance is 20 thousand yen), Housing allowance supplied (conditioned), Overtime allowance supplied, Welfare Program System available (Kyoto Promotion Center for Small/Medium Sized Business).


Weekends (Saturday and Sunday), National holidays, Summer vacation, Winter vacation, Golden Week holidays (a vacation from the end of April to the beginning of May), Paid holidays, and Paid holidays for weddings and condolences.

Education System

In the case of System Engineer/Programmer:

First, you will start development in a field related to your specialized subject that you have experienced. As you are in the midst of an environment filled with experienced technologists and researchers who write books and give lectures on technology, you can learn more about your subject. You can either continue to work in one field or work in various fields to accumulate your experience. Even if you are inexperienced, you need not worry about new technologies. Every support will be given so that you can grow-up to be a developer with a high technique.

In the case of Sales Engineer:

First of all, you will have to start with deepening your knowledge about our original software and improving your ability for presentation to customers.

Selecting Process

The process of our recruitment from an application to adoption is as follows:

Step1: E-mail (E-mail or post-mail your resume to our company. After applicant screening we will arrange an appointment for the 1st interview with those who pass it.
Please do not fail to mention a job type you want to apply for.

Step2:Visit us for the 1st interview at our head office in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto.

  • Before the interview, you need to take a written examination and aptitude test.
  • In the interview, we are hoping we can share and talk about each other’s line of thinking such as your way of thinking for your work and our stance toward development.
  • Bringing your works to present your past achievements is very much welcomed.

Step3:The 2nd interview at our head office

  • After the 2nd interview, we will inform you of the final result in about a week.
  • Your commencement date is negotiable. Please present your convenient day to start your work with us.
  • Those who are returning to or coming into Kyoto or the Kansai area from other areas are also welcomed.

How to Apply

Please E-mail (E-mail or post-mail your resume (personal history and career/job history) to us.
After applicant screening, we will arrange an appointment for the 1st interview with those who pass it.