Environmental Activity

ISO14001 Environmental Policy

DNP HyperTech aims to research and develop more environmentally friendly products and familiarize them to a wide range of customers through our company’s activities based on its IT technology business that always focuses on ever-changing information and customers’ needs.
In addition, DNP HyperTech will conduct its environmental activities through environmental management systems and will continuously enhance them.

  1. We sincerely listen to environment-related requests, opinions and demands from affiliated organizations, business partners, government organizations and neighboring residents, examine them, improve our activities and observe them.
  2. We always pay attention to the updates of environmental laws relating to our business, periodically update our information, and continuously improve requirements relating to our business.
  3. We give high priority to prevention of environmental pollution in order to leave the world’s environment to future generations in as good a state as we inherited.
  4. All the members of DNP HyperTech recognize their impact on the environment, set environmental objectives for their jobs, and review them regularly by examining their achievement.
  5. We improve operating efficiency by promoting the reuse of existing program resources in the designing and development process, and try for reduction of the influence on environment.
  6. This environmental plan is supplied as data to all employees of our company and others who work for our company, so that it can be well-known and observed.
  7. This environmental plan is always posted on the website of our company so that everyone can freely read it. In addition, it can be provided by paper documents upon request.


The measure for environment

Environmental activities

The environmental conservation activities have been carried out by all employees in DNP HyperTech, based on the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Here are introduced its measures.

Website accessibility has been improved

We have improved accessibility to our website based on the “FUJITSU Web accessibility indicator” so that various people, including the handicapped or the elderly, may easily use the website.

  • Character size can be changed.
    In order that everybody can easily browse our website, we have made all displayed character size changeable by abolishing the fixed character size system. Therefore, those who are presbyopic or sight-impaired can browse it without difficulty.
  • Simplified link structure.
    It became easier to access the target information by the simplified link structure that can be understood by anybody. As you see it, this ISO 14001-related page can be easily accessed as well.
  • Hyperlink image has been changed to Text letters.
    We have changed some hyperlink images to text letters, which makes our website be browsed more easily since the character size is changeable and it became easier for those who use translation service on the website to browse it with translated hyperlink names. In addition, adding alt attribute value to the hyperlink image keeps its accessibility secured.

Promotion of environmental activities through the website

We are tackling environmental activities using the website as an information service company.

  • In order to advertize our environmental activities, we posted the certification logo mark of ISO 14001 on the home page as a hyperlink to the ISO14001 Environmental Policy page. We also expanded the Environmental Activity page.
  • We have been working on restraint of paper consumption by promoting conversion of product catalogues to electronic documentations (distilled to PDF) and place them on the website.

We will positively continue to appeal our environmental activities through the website by expanding the environmental activities related pages and creation of relevant contents.

Other measures

At lunch time, most electric lights in our office are turned off as a part of the energy-saving measures. Moreover we are trying for reduction of the energy consumption by such as introducing electric fans for restraint of the air-conditioning and using liquid crystal displays instead of CRTs that consume large power.

We are reducing the environmental impact not only by controlling paper consumption in the office, but also by thoroughly carrying-out of the separation of garbage.
Moreover, electric waste can be prevented and employees’ awareness can be raised by using a table tap which can perform turning on and off of a power supply individually.

We are positively purchasing green products.
We are sharing information through in-house circulation of documents and video viewing about the environment.