Work Contents

Work Contents

Development of the Products and Suggestion of the Solutions:

  • Development of various security software, including cracking prevention security software “CrackProof™” series and original encryption systems.
  • Development of the patent checking software “Pate-checker.”
  • Development of the patent business support software “Patent Editor.”
  • Development of iOS applications.
  • Construction of network systems.
  • Production of multimedia contents
    (CD-ROM/DVD contents, Website, Image transformation, etc.)

Development Results

  • Development of artificial intelligence type search engine
  • Development of mini-disk (MD) system and development of car navigation system
  • Development and sale of optical disk related software
    Video CD authoring software “Video CD Maker,” “Video CD Author”; DVD-Video authoring software “HyperTech Smooth DVD-Video”; DVD-R Writing software “HyperTech Smooth DVD-R,” etc.
  • Development and sale of “Patent Creator,” software to help write patent specifications.
  • Development of psychology experiment software by making use of the breakout game
    Doshisha University Faculty of Psychology: Ayumi Tanaka Associate Professor Laboratory
  • Sales business of Research and Development supporting products
    Offer research and development assistance products such as “Tech Optimizer”, a problem-solving tool using TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving); “Knowledgist”, a semantic knowledge mining tool, etc. cooperating with Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., and MRI Research Associates, Inc.
  • etc.

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