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About CrackProof™ for iOS

The spread of iOS devices is advancing in every scene around us. It is commonly imagined that iOS is stronger regarding security in comparison with Android , another OS for smart mobiles, however, menace for application developers such as JailBreak and having their applications pirated are still hiding behind even in iOS. CrackProof™ for iOS is an anti-tampering security “library” preventing iOS applications from being cracked. This library is to prevent customer’s applications from the outflow of know-how through analysis and the pirate applications.
How to use it is very simple; by just implementing functions on the project before building-in, security processing will be completed.
CrackProof™ for iOS is also compatible with applications developed by Unity.

Introduction Example

Popular applications that have passed the App Store examination have been already released, to which CrackProof™ for iOS has been applied.

List of Protection Functions

Functions Explanation
API hook block Blocks an API hook in a jailbroken terminal.
Jailbreak detection* Blocks the app’s operation in a jailbroken terminal.
Debugger block Blocks the app’s operation when the debugger is analyzing the program.
Code tampering detection Block the app’s operation when a code in the library is tampered with.
Program code change detection Detects a program code change in the app.
Pirated app detection Blocks the app’s operation when a file in the package is being tampered with.
Signature change detection Detects a signature change in the app.
Symbol deletion Deletes a symbol in the app.
*Deletes symbol(s) with a system command.

*In a jailbroken terminal, the user privilege is extensive, significantly degrading the security level implemented by Apple. Accordingly, CrackProof for iOS severely blocks starting-up an app in a jailbroken terminal.

CrackProof™ for iOS Library System Requirements

iOS application development environment

OS macOS Sierra(OSX 10.12.x), macOS High Sierra(OSX 10.13.x), macOS Mojave(OSX 10.14.x)
Compiler(Xcode) Xcode 8.x, 9.x, 10.x
development language Objective-C, Swift

CrackProof™ for iOS operation environment

Terminals iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, X, XS, iPad Pro
Architecture ARM v7 /ARM v7S /ARMv8(arm64)
OS iOS 10.x.x / 11.x.x / 12.x.x
Carrier SoftBank / au / docomo
(*1)We test operations about terminals or OS listed in this table.
(*2)It is not available for Swift project and Objective-C + Swift mixed project.

Introduction Steps

We will take the following Steps.
1.Explanation on our product / Interview on summary of your consideration → 2.Conclusion of Non-disclosure Agreement → 3.Interview on details of your consideration → 4.Submission of a quotation → 5.Placement of order and conclusion of Software Product License Agreement → 6.Start formal operation of CrackProof™

Introduction Cost

The introduction cost will be estimated individually, depending upon the release form and the number of applications to be hardened.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. The iPhone trademark is used according to the license of AIPHONE Co.,Ltd.
The trademark of IOS is used according to the license of Cisco in U.S.A and in other countries.
“Android” is a trademark or registered trademark of Google Inc.
“SOFTBANK” and the name of SoftBank is a registered trademark or a trademark of SoftBank Corp. in Japan and in other countries.
“au” is a trademark or registered trademark of KDDI Corporation.
“docomo” is a trademark or registered trademark of NTT DOCOMO Inc.


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