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About CrackProof™ for Windows®

With the digitization of equipment and the spread of IoT, the movement to realize various functions by software is spreading more and more. Along with this, the risk of illegal use of software and leakage of technology due to software analysis (reverse engineering) continues to increase.

CrackProof™ for Windows® prevents crackers’ analysis of software by protecting its execution program. This enables us to protect programs from the following illegal acts.

  • Removing software use restrictions including passwords, expiration dates for use, file size restriction, etc.
  • Creation of another similar software product by analyzing software,
  • Analysis of the hardware structure associated with software by analyzing the software, etc.

Introduction Examples

 Household appliances manufacturer  Precision equipment manufacturer  Security equipment manufacturer
 CAD manufacturer  Computer aided engineering (CAE) manufacturer Arcade game manufacturer, etc

Examples of use purpose

  • To prevent removing software use restrictions including expiration date for use or file size restriction.
  • To prevent leakage of confidential information, including specification of software/hardware, by analyzing software.
  • To prevent analysis of hardware simulators.
  • To prevent deactivating of security dongles, etc.

Security Functions

Types Functions
Static Analysis Prevention Functions Encrypts executable file by AES256
Prevents disassembling of executable file
Prevents tampering with executable file
Dynamic Analysis Prevention Functions Prevents analysis by debuggers
Prevents access to memory
Prevents illegal code insertion
Prevents execution on OS emulators

How to Use


1.Upload files to the Cloud


2.Security processing in the Cloud


3.Download files

1.Upload files to the Cloud

Access to CrackProof cloud server with a web browser and upload program files.

2.Security processing in the Cloud

CrackProof makes the program files tamper-resistant automatically in the cloud.

3.Download files

Download the tamper-resistant program files.
That’s it!!

Operating Environment

Corresponding OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
(only 32bit OS)
CPU Pentium III 1GHz & over, Pentium compatible CPU(IA-32)
Memory 128MB and over


We are prepared to offer options corresponding to the following operating environments. The options can be provided for the payment. It is possible to put plural modules together.

Options Explanation
Windows Server Option Hardened programs can operate on the Windows Server OS.
64-bit OS Option 64-bit Native programs can be hardened.
.NET Option Microsoft .NET programs can be hardened.

Introduction Steps

We will take the following Steps.
1.Explanation on our product / Interview on summary of your consideration →2.Conclusion of Non-disclosure Agreement →3.Interview on details of your consideration →4.Submission of a quotation →5.Trial use of the product*(2 weeks) →6.Placement of order and conclusion of Software Product License Agreement →7.Start formal operation of CrackProof

*Customer will be asked to provide their application to be hardened to HyperTech, which will be returned to the customer after HyperTech hardens it.

Introduction Cost

The introduction cost will be estimated individually, depending upon the release form and the number of applications to be hardened.


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