About CrackProof™ GameEdition

CrackProof™ GameEdition is software protection for online games.
CrackProof™ GameEdition strongly protects a game environment against cheating (by the use of illegal software or tampering with game data) on online games.

For games on Steam

Since the PC game distribution platform “Steam” can use various functions necessary for game management such as payment system and license management, many game publishers are distributing game titles on Steam. On the other hand, many cracking damages has occurred as follows.

  • Avoid in-app billing
  • Cheating and hacking
  • Analysis of algorithms

CrackProof™ protects game applications distributed on Steam from such damage.

Security Functions

Protection Functions

Functions Explanation
1 Bot Prevention Prevents emulation of messages. (Neglects messages other than the ones occurred by keyboard / mouse operation.)
2 Illegal program Prevention Terminates the game program when the start of an illegal program is detected.
3 Debugger Prevention Causes debuggers to malfunction.
4 Emulator Prevention The game program will not start on an emulator (such as VM Ware, Virtual PC, etc.)
5 Process Stealth The game program will not be displayed on the List of process in the task manager.

  • Direct protection will be applied to binary on which debug has been completed. It is not necessary to show your source code to the person in charge of protection processing.
  • Debugging by ordinary debuggers/the Kernel mode debugger cannot be conducted.
  • Analysis by ProcDump cannot be conducted.
  • Module dependent information will be deleted.
  • A program, even one bit of which has been modified, will not operate.
  • The program code will be encrypted in lots of layers with plural strong algorithms.
  • It will correspond to the COM interface (limited to OCX and Direct X module).

How to Use


1.Upload files to the Cloud


2.Security processing in the Cloud


3.Download files

1.Upload files to the Cloud

Access to CrackProof™ cloud server with a web browser and upload program files.

2.Security processing in the Cloud

CrackProof™ makes the program files tamper-resistant automatically in the cloud.

3.Download files

Download the tamper-resistant program files.
That’s it!!

Operating Environment

Corresponding OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
(only 32bit OS)
CPU Pentium III 1GHz & over, Pentium compatible CPU(IA-32)
Memory 128MB and over

Introduction Steps

We will take the following Steps.
1.Explanation on our product / Interview on summary of your consideration →2.Conclusion of Non-disclosure Agreement →3.Interview on details of your consideration →4.Submission of a quotation →5.Trial use of the product*(2 weeks) →6.Placement of order and conclusion of Software Product License Agreement →7.Start formal operation of CrackProof™

*Customer will be asked to provide their application to be hardened to HyperTech, which will be returned to the customer after HyperTech hardens it



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