About CrackProof

CrackProof is anti-tamper application protection software to defend apps against malicious activity.

Prevent malicious activity on your apps

Prevent malicious activity on your apps

Protect against hacking in-app purchase

Protect against hacking in-app purchase
Protect against algorithm theft

Protect against algorithm theft

Key Benefits


Instantly implemented

Since CrackProof™ hardens the binary directly, it is not necessary to change the source code. A key point of CrackProof™ is you can protect apps with no impact on the development process.

Compatible with Unity

CrackProof™ can also robustly protect the IL file (DLL file) built on Unity with our proprietary IL protection technology.

No impact on app performance

Impact on the runtime performance of the app is zero, so the hardened app works exactly like the original. CrackProof™ does not affect the app usability.

Basic Functions


CrackProof blocks both static and dynamic attacks with cutting-edge protection techniques






Memory Access Detection


File Modification Detection


Root/jailbreak detection





Protect your apps.

See why you need to protect your apps.

4Steps to Harden Your App


You can make your app robust in simple 4steps.
Of course you can also integrate CrackProof API with your system.
*As for iOS, it is necessary to embed a CrackProof library into your project on Xcode.

STEP1: Upload

Upload the app to the cloud using command line or browsers.

STEP2: Security tuning

Pick just the features you need.

STEP3: Hardening

The hardening process is completed in the cloud.

STEP4: Download & Release

Confirm the functionality and upload to the marketplace.



Cutomer Story

PONOS corporation


Mobile game

"The biggest effect he has seen since implementing CrackProof is that players no longer claim it's unfair because of cheating.”

Cutomer Stories



Online game

"You just load CrackProof, and drag and drop the .exe file on the screen. I was like, 'Oh, so that's all there is to it'"

CrackProof Datasheet

CrackProof Datasheet



If you have any further questions, get in contact with us!

No. CrackProof is the security for client application.
No. CrackProof does not protect programs by detecting patterns. It protects programs from debugger attachment and memory access generically.
However, only CrackProof GameEdition has the Blacklist functionality, which stops execution of games when detecting executable files which fit the registered patterns.
This functionality is aimed at preventing tools from taking advantage in games, not at preventing cracking tools.
Windows: None.
Android: Since it has been signed in debug mode after hardening, you need to resign it in release mode.
(Signing in release mode is required in order to upload to Google Play)
iOS: None.
Linux: None.
In addition to CrackProof for Windows, the .NET option is required.
CrackProof does not depend on coding because it directly processes compiled binary (except for CrackProof for iOS).
This is because there are no coding standards.
However, CrackProof for Linux has a few coding standards about precautions. (*These are not about secure coding.)
Yes, if your company reserves the right to make changes to the DLL in question.
If not, it cannot be CrackProofed.
However, you can still protect the dll from being modified or replaced.
CrackProof is using several encryption metohds including AES 256-bit.
We've been protecting
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